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Summer 22 : 7 Week Block

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Monday 18 July to Sunday 4 September


We have changed things around a little in our Summer 22 Block. You will find some changes of teachers and times and fewer classes. 

This gives our teachers an opportunity to have a "teaching break" and for you, our students, to try something new.  A different teacher, a different class level or even a different day and time.

The Summer 22 Block still includes Centre, Online and Livestream Classes. Most classes are weekly but there are a couple of "occasional" class (there may be more added to the timetable later).

Catero will do a once a month Restorative Class at the usual time of 18:15 on

  • Friday 29 July
  • and Friday 19 August

And Katie will supervise Trainee Teachers in Beginners Classes at 10:00 on

  • Saturday 23 July
  • and Saurday 30 July

Save the dates to your calendar or diary!




  • The number of Face to Face spaces in the Centre remains at 15.


To book for the Block select all the dates on the booking page under "Single Booking" on the right hand side.  Scroll down to find this.

Remember - Classes can be booked or cancelled up to 1 hour before the class is due to start.

Please Note:

  • If numbers in any class are low, It may be necessary to cancel the class for the whole block.

Class Prices for the Summer 22 Block are

Centre Face to Face, Online and Livestream

  • 1hr -Single Class £8   (7 Weeks £56)
  • 1hr 15 min - Single Class £9   (7 Weeks £63)
  • 1hr 30 min - Single Class £10 (7 Weeks £70)
  • Beginners - Single Class £5

You can download a pdf 'paper' copy of the Summer 22 Classes Here

Discounts are available If you are experiencing financial hardship.  Email info@yoga-edinburgh.com with your request and we shall try to help.

Please understand our Terms and Conditions before booking your classes

If you are new to the Centre you will find helpful information in our Student Guide.

And you will find our Privacy Policy here

Enjoy your Classes!


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Monday 18 Jul
10:00 (60 mins) Centre Face to Face / Anne Kilgour
19:00 (90 mins) Centre Face to Face / Jane Walker
19:00 (90 mins) Live Stream Centre Class / Jane Walker
Tuesday 19 Jul
10:00 (90 mins) Centre Face to Face / Elaine Pidgeon
18:45 (75 mins) Centre Face to Face / Gordon Jardine
Wednesday 20 Jul
10:00 (60 mins) Online Only / Catero Hawkins
19:00 (60 mins) Centre Face to Face / Karen Watt
19:00 (60 mins) Live Stream Centre Class / Karen Watt
Thursday 21 Jul
09:45 (75 mins) Online Only / Clare Stephen
19:15 (60 mins) Centre Face to Face / Andrea Kaszewski
Friday 22 Jul
10:00 (75 mins) Centre Face to Face / Clare Trodden
10:00 (75 mins) Live Stream Centre Class / Clare Trodden
Saturday 23 Jul
10:00 (90 mins) Centre Face to Face / Katie Rutherford