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EIYC Student Guide

 A.  Coming to classes

Our students come to classes in two ways:

1.  Book for the Term

Book your place in the same class with the same teacher at the same time every week for a term. This is the route we recommend. It means your teacher gets to know you and can teach you better. We give a discount on the price of a single class when you book and pay by the term.  Register first and then check the class timetable and follow the booking instructions.

If you book after the beginning of term you don't lose out. Make up classes you miss for this or any other reason by attending another additional class in the Centre at the same or lower level. (That could mean two classes a week some weeks.) You've got the whole term to make up any missed classes, but you can’t carry them over to the next term.  Note that Level 1 to Level 4 students are not able to use the Introductory course to make up classes.

Our students value this facility, but occasionally that might mean that too many people want to go into a class.  If this happens, to avoid overcrowding, you, as a ‘making -up’ student, may be turned away and asked to try again in another class.  A good idea is to check our class timetable for classes that are ‘open’ to bookings and go to one of those, not the ‘full’ classes.

2. Pay as you Go

Sometimes work or other commitments mean it’s not possible to book a whole term of classes, even with the making-up option.  Or you might want to try us out before you decide.  For these reasons you may wish to come to single classes and pay as you go. This does not apply to the Introductory Course where all classes are paid for when booking. Since the classes follow on from each other, it is not possible to "drop-in".
You can’t book single classes online. Register with us online or at the Centre so that we have your details. Then check the class timetable, select a class which has spaces available and go to the Centre 10 minutes early.  You just pay the standard single class fee when you arrive.

Students booked into a regular class have priority, so be sure to check the class timetable for the class on the day you wish to attend:  if it is not full, there will normally be a space for you. Occasionally too many people want to go into a class.  If this happens, to avoid overcrowding, you, as a ‘pay-as-you-go’ student, may be turned away and asked to try again in another class.
If you can, it’s best to stay with the same one or two teachers, as it gives them a chance to know you and your yoga.  And make sure you tell any new teacher before the class starts of any health issues you might have.

B.  Progressing in Yoga

Some of our students happily stay in the same class at the same level for many years. However, you are lukely to benefit more by progressing to a fuller practice consider moving on to higher levels at the right time for you. We know this can be daunting, especially when students are attached to a particular teacher. 
The Centre may sometimes, therefore, with everyone's agreement, move a whole class, with its time slot and teacher, up a level.  

That won’t always be possible and so the Centre encourages students to attend any workshops held at the Centre to give the chance to meet other teachers and perhaps take the opportunity to work at a higher level.and then xmove to higher level classes.  We have some of the best teachers in Scotland and they welcome taking you on that adventure.

C.  Class Practicalities

What to wear

Comfortable clothes that allow you full movement. Leggings/gym shorts and a t-shirt are ideal.  Classes take place in bare feet so please remove socks before the start of a class. There are changing rooms at the Centre but unfortunately we cannot take responsibility for personal items.  Lost property is given to charity at the end of each term


We do not advise eating heavily for at least three hours before coming to class.

Class Times

We close the outside door during classes so please arrive only about 10 minutes before the start of your class since there is no covered waiting area.


All equipment is provided.  You do not need to bring your own mat and blocks but you are, of course, welcome to bring your own mat etc. if you prefer.  


Since classes take place in bare feet, please cover any foot infections or wounds. 

Mobile Phones

Please leave your mobile phone in the changing area.  The personal use of mobile phones, cameras or recording equipment is not allowed in the studio or rope area during a class or workshop.  The use of cameras or recording equipment is not allowed in the changing area at any time.