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Our Class Names are Changing

12 Aug 2022


Only the name is changing
Your class will be the same


Our class names are going to be changing with Block 5-22 which starts in September. It is only the name and a tweak to the description, not the class itself.


Why is this happening?

This follows the new teacher training guidelines and certification structure for Iyengar Teachers.

The change in teacher training was introduced by the Ramamani Memorial Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune in 2020.

Frontage of the Edinburgh Iyengar Yoga Centre


Most Iyengar Yoga Centres have now renamed their classes and we are doing the same to be aligned with Iyengar yoga around the world.

The class names are being amended to reduce possible confusion between the new teacher certificate levels, which have a level 1 to level 5 structure, and class levels themself.

Again, don't worry, there will be no difference in the teaching in your usual class. The new descriptions are informative and will help you to decide which class or classes to join. 

So, what are the new class names?

From Block 5-22 classes will be named as follows :

  • Beginners: New Start (Currently Beginners or Introduction to Yoga)
  • Continuing Beginners (Currently Level 1)
  • General (Currently Level 2)
  • General: Moderately Paced (Currently Level 2 Gentle)
  • Intermediate (Currently Level 3)
  • Restorative (No Change)

You can find the full descriptions of all the classes here

If you have any questions or are looking for more information please get in touch by emailing the Centre at