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Class Timetable


Summer Term 18

Our Summer Term will run for 7 Weeks from Monday 2 July to Saturday 18 August.

As usual over the summer, there are fewer classes with a bit of a change round of teachers.

This gives you a chance to try a class with a different teacher. It is also an opportunity to try a higher Level class.  Why not?  See how you get on. You will probably surprise yourself!

  Please note :

  • If a class is full (0 places available) you are unable to reach the booking process and no link will show when hovering over the class.

First time at the Centre? New to Yoga?

If you are new to the Centre, please read our Terms and Conditions and read about the Class Levels before booking.

If you are new to Iyengar Yoga, there is more information in our Student Guide.

If you have any difficulty in booking please email us at and we'll help.

Please Note : We do not usually give Refunds on Bookings


Summer Term 2018: 02 Jul 2018 - 18 Aug 2018